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Chartered Physiotherapists
Huddersfield’s leading private physiotherapy clinic

At Your Intial Appointment

One of our physiotherapists will assess and diagnose your condition and explain the nature of the problem. They will then formulate a treatment plan with you that takes account of your lifestyle leisure activities and general health. Where possible, we use hands-on treatment and advice will be given on how you can help yourself, with specific exercises to be carried out between treatments. When appropriate, we will also advise carers how they can help.

Chartered Physiotherapists at the Edgerton Clinic, use a variety of
 treatments to encourage the body to heal itself. These include:

Manipulation and mobilisation - to reduce pain, stiffness and to restore function

Exercise programmes tailored to your condition

Electrotherapy (applied to the painfull area to enchance the healing process)



Aromatherapy and massage service, for the control of stress, relaxation and sports injury





The Edgerton Clinic
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